Trade Training Centre

Trade Training Centre



At the Western Australian College of Agriculture Harvey, students have the benefit of learning with highly qualified instructors in well equipped workshops.




The Design & Technology area offers four trades in which students can gain Nationally recognised qualifications:


AUR20716 Certificate ll in Automotive Vocational Preparation

AUR20516 Certificate ll in Automotive Servicing Technology


CPC10111 Certificate l in Construction

CPC202111 Certificate ll Construction Pathways


MSF10113 Certificate l in Furnishing

MSF20516 Certificate ll in Furniture Making Pathways

Metals and Engineering

MEM10105 Certificate l in Engineering

MEM20105 Certificate ll in Engineering

MEM20413 Certificate ll in Engineering Pathways


This course is designed for students who want to learn about the furnishing industry, in particular furniture making. The Furnishing Workshop boasts a modern working environment were students can produce large scale projects. These projects include queen size beds, solid Jarrah slab coffee table, hall stands, dinning room tables, stereo cabinets etc.

Metals and Engineering

Students will develop life long skills which will be of use in and out of the work force. Students will be taught how to investigate, design and make their own furniture. They will be able to draw their own plans or use existing to derive a materials list and then cost the project. Students can purchase their materials through the College or can provide their own material via other avenues.

The Metals and Engineering course is based on industry standards so there are quite specific inbuilt expectations and standards that students are required to achieve as part of the course.

Students will enjoy a variety of feeder tasks enabling them to build their skill levels and develop their confidence using tools and machines such as: vernier calipers and micrometers, plasma cutter, hydraulic guillotine, metal work lathes and arc MIG and TIG welders.

Students completing metals and engineering graduate with dynamic and exciting projects and can look forward to a career as a Boiler Maker, Sheet Metal Worker, Machinist or Mechanical Fitter as well as many other Engineering trades.


Students have the opportunity to access structured work release programs and school based traineeships in conjunction with their studies. Trade tours are also conducted where students are taken to visit a variety of businesses in industry to give them an insight into the career opportunities that are available.

The automotive workshop is based on industry standard equipment. As with all courses the automotive workshop has developed a program which prides itself on student centred learning. The workshop maintains close simulation to that of a normal business giving students a current and up to date snapshot of 'real world' working environment.

It is the students responsibility to maintain the workshop and equipment in a manner equivalent to that of industry standards. Students have the opportunity to service their own vehicles or complete routine maintenance during workshop time. 

This course is designed for students who want to learn about servicing vehicles and are likely to become Farmers, Farm workers or Trades people. Students will have knowledge and awareness of practical skill relating to automotive servicing.

General Construction

Students will develop skills and knowledge which link to employment opportunities within the building industry. They will become aware of safety issues and safe work place practices and develop skills in using hand and power tools, equipment and machinery. General Construction boasts a modern well equipped trailer used as a mobile workshop.

The emphasis of General Construction is on school based enterprise. This will give the student skills in all aspects of building. These skills include following the decision making process, job planning, costing, scheduling and construction process.

Students wishing to specialise in General Construction could expect to gain an apprenticeship in one of the following:

  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Bricklaying
  • Grano Worker
  • Landscape Gardener
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