Student Prize List

Student Prize List 2016


2016 Graduation and Prize Day



Year 10 Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Lead and Teamwork Award - Hamish Hennessy

Year 10 Friends of HAC Assoc Ex-students- Hamish Hennessy

Year 10 LP & JA Fryer Encouragement: Year 10 student continuing to Year 11- Declan Holland

Year 11 Alcoa - Corraleigh Craigie

Year 11 Farm West - Hamish Smith

Year 11 Kuzich Irrigation Scholarship- Brendan Evans

Year 11 Neville Munns memorial Encouragement Shearing Award - Bailey Manning

Year 11 Harvey Ag Society- Oliver Hickey

Year 11 Royal Ag Society - Georgia Davies

Year 11 WA Farmers - Louis Payne

Year 11 Brunswick Ag Society - Shelby Atherton

Year 12 Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Lead and Teamwork Award - Ben Ablett

Year 12 CY O’Connor Charles Sturt Agribusiness Scholarship- Kaitlin Williams

Year 12 Principal’s Recommendation to Curtain University- Denver Ryan & Mitchell Shine

The Connor Jackson Memorial Award- Jake Willmott



Year 10 Awards


Best in Class- Mitchell Brealey

Best on Farm- Christopher Hewton

Best in Trades- Jeremy Della-Sale

Best in Residence (Rotary Award) - Hamish Hennessy

Year 10 Sportsperson Award- Hamish Hennessy

Year 10 All Rounder- Mitchell Brealey

Highest Attendance For the Year- Jeremy Della-Sale, Samuel Hall, Ryley Szostak.


Year 11 Awards


Best in ATAR Class Subjects- Jayce Graham

Best in General Class Subjects- Winta Dillon

Farm Safe Award- Jayden French

Best on Farm- Adele Martin

Best in Trades- Jayce Graham

Best in Residence- Jayden French

Year 11 Sportsperson Award- Maddison Bedford

Year 11 All Rounder- Jayce Graham

Highest Attendance For the Year- Declan Neilson, Shelby Atherton, Shania Willison


Year 12 Awards


Best on Farm- Danielle Mauger

Runner Up Best on Farm- Brianna Pearson

Farm Safe Award- Ryan Manning

The Jack Gerrard Memorial Prize- Scott Stagbouer

Voted the most employable in Trades- Ryan Manning

Best in Trades- Luke Bushell

Best in Class (ATAR Stream) - Hayley Ingram

Best in Class (General Stream) – Diana Muir & Amber Chester

Sportsperson of Year 12- Kaitlin Williams

Residential Citizenship Award and Forrest Medal- Ben Ablett

Highest Attendance- Zac Downsborough


Major Prizes


VET Dux- Ryan Manning

ATAR Dux- Hayley Ingram