2016 Perth Royal Show

This year a large number of students and heifers traveled to this years Royal Show. 


4th in calf class - Erin Lysaght
3rd in calf class - Kaileasha Reynolds
4th and 5th - Erin Jacobs
3rd and 2nd - Shakira Faulds 
1st in cattle handlers, 2nd in State Handling, 2nd in heifer cow - Ruby King
1st in Grand Champion Heifer and Grand Champion Future Breeders, 6th in State Handlers - Sam Hall
2nd in Heifer Class - Tahlia McDonald 
2nd in State Judging - Brianna Pearson
2nd in Senior Handlers and 3rd in State Handlers - Rachel Spratt
1st in All Australian Calf Class - Shania Willison

Well done to students.  Thank you to staff for supervising the students for the week, students will not be able to participate in these events without the support of staff and parents.