Bicycle Policy

Bicycle Policy

The policy must be downloaded, filled in before printing, printed, signed and presented at the college 

Policy guide lines

Bicycles will be permitted at this school under the following conditions

  1. They are in a good state of mechanical repair
  2. Students must wear a bicycle helmet

Students will be permitted to ride bicycles under the following conditions

  1. This letter is signed by parents and returned to the school
  2. They have permission from a residential supervisor
  3. They wear the following clothing and safety equipment
    A safety helmet recognised by the National Safety Council
    Covered in shoes or boots

Any breach of the conditions above will result in the termination of this agreement, and impoundment of the bicycle until it is removed from the property.


Students are required to obtain permission every time they ride, staff will make periodic checks as to where they are being used.
All possible care will be taken by the staff at the school, however a vast proportion of care, commonsense and responsibility is left up to the individual.