Motorbike Policy

Motorbike Policy


The policy must be downloaded, filled in before printing, printed, signed and presented at the college 

Policy guide lines

Motorbikes will be permitted at this College under the following conditions

  1. They are in a good state of mechanical repair
  2. They are fitted with an adequate silencer

Students will be permitted to ride motor bikes under the following conditions

  1. This letter is signed by parents and returned to the College
  2. They have permission from the Residential Supervisor every time they ride
  3. They wear the following clothing and safety equipment
    A full face safety helmet recognised by the National Safety Council
    Strong leather boots and leggings
    Protective gloves
    Long sleeve shirt (minimum) or jacket
    Long trousers (minimum) or riding leathers
    Optional extras – kidney belts, elbow pads etc. are encouraged
  4. Dangerous or unsafe riding will result in students losing the privilege of riding their motorbike
  5. Only the owner of the motorbike is permitted to ride
  6. Students will ride motorbikes only in the designated area

Any breach of the conditions above will result in the termination of this agreement, and impoundment of the motorcycle until it is removed from the property.


As students are required to obtain permission from the Residential Supervisor every time they ride, staff will be aware of their use of the motorbike and will make periodic checks at the track. However in the interim period when staff are not in attendance, another student will always be required to be in attendance as an “observer” in case of an accident. i.e. There will never be only one person on the track at any time.
Parents must realize that all possible care will be taken by the staff at the College, however a vast proportion of care, common sense and responsibility is left up to the individual.

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