Job Vacancies

A number of career opportunities exist for graduates of the WA College of Agriculture - Harvey. Listed here are some examples.

In 1953 the hospital and the surrounding land and buildings that serviced the Second World War Italian internment camp became the focus for housing students who wished to pursue an education centred around farming styles common in the South West corner of Western Australia. The campus was administrated as an agricultural wing of the Harvey Senior High School.

The Western Australian College of Agriculture - Harvey seeks, through links with industry and technology to develop students:

The College is based at Wokalup consisting of  Residential buildings, Classroom, Design & Technology and the  Administration.

In February 1991 the Ex-Students' Association was formed to keep the friendship and contact with old mates alive and also to provide financial and/or moral support to the current students, the College or in certain cases, even ex-students.

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