Student Fees 2017

College fees are clearly a user pays and there is an expectation that instalment deadlines will be met unless there is a prior arrangement with the Principal

Course Fees

Full payment of course fees is due on the first day of Term 1 . If a student leaves the College education programme, before the end of semester one, this fee will be refunded in part to reflect the course of study undertaken. Parents can expect no refund after semester one. 

Boarding Fees

The first boarding fee instalment is due and payable on the first day of Term 1, with the second payment due on the first day of Term 2. Both the first and second boarding fee instalments must be cleared by the end of Semester one for students to continue in the residence in Semester two. The third and final boarding fee instalment is due and payable on the first day of Term 3.

****Failure to clear all outstanding fees will result in residency being denied at the commencement of the following year.

The boarding fees refund policy is determined by the Education Department of WA Central Office. Should a student leave the College through their own choice or through termination of residency, fees remain payable and are not refundable for the remainder of the term in which the student is withdrawn. Fees pre-paid beyond the immediate term are refundable in full.

Contingency Bond

Payment of a $200 contingency bond is to be forwarded to the College when an "Offer of Placement" is accepted. This is banked and used in the event of misconduct involving College assets by the student. The balance will be refunded within 2 months of the student leaving the College.

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