National Training Packages

National Training Packages

Certificates from the National Training Package currently on offer at the College.


AHC20116 Certificate II in Agriculture

AHC30116 Certificate III in Agriculture

AHC21216 Certificate ll in Rural Operations

AHC20316 Certificate ll in Production Horticulture

AHC21416 Certificate ll in Wool Handling

AHC21316 Certificate ll in Shearing



AUR20716 Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation  

AUR20516 Certificate ll in Automotive Servicing Technology



CPC10111 Certificate I in Construction

CPC20211 Certificate ll in Construction Pathways


Metals and Engineering

MEM10105 Certificate l in Engineering

MEM20105 Certificate II in Engineering

MEM20413 Certificate ll Engineering Pathways



MSF10113 Certificate l Furnishings

MSF20516 Certificate ll in Furniture Making Pathways


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