Secondary Graduation

Seconday Graduation

In order to qualify for secondary graduation at the WA College of Agriculture - Harvey, a student must satisfy the criteria outlined.

In order to qualify for secondary graduation a student must:

Complete at least 20 semesterised course units:

  • At least ten units must be from Council courses (including at least three two-unit combinations.  One full year CAF course is equivalent to two COS units).
  • Up to ten unit equivalents may comprise Curriculum Council endorsed programs such as stand - alone VET subjects.

Achieve an average of at least 'C' grade or better:

  • Across at least 16 course units if no Curriculum Council endorsed programs are included in the students' program, 8 of which must be studied in Year 12. 
  • Across at least 10 course units if the full 10 unit subject equivalence option is taken, In this case at least 4 units must be studied in Year 12 of which two must be English.
  • Students whose programs comprise between 0 and 10 Curriculum Council endorsed units will be expected to achieve a 'C' grade average between two models described above.

Meeting the standard for English Language Competence:

  • Complete at least 4 units of English Course of Study with two units studied in Year 12 and achieved a 'C' grade (at Stage 1 unit level) or
  • Meeting the language competence standard, as defined by work samples (C grade or better in stage 1 units) or
  • A pass in English language competence test.

Complete 20 hours of community service

Select course from List A and List B

Note: that all streams currently on offer at the College are designed for students to achieve Secondary Graduation (WACE) provided their performance meets the required standards.

Other subjects not on offer at Harvey may be accessed throught the Shcool of Isolated and Distance education on negotiation with College administration.