Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Please check the calendar for what weekend you will be working.  If you are unable to commit to your rostered weekend, you must organise a swap with another student, complete a form and have it signed by, Head of Residence and the Farm Supervisor for this to be approved. 

A team of specialist services are available to the College upon request by parents/staff or students.  This consists of:

a)    School Nurse – who attends periodically for health education services.

b)   School Psychologist – Attends weekly with consultations made by appointment.

c)   School Chaplain – A school funded appointment shared between schools in the Harvey district to supply spiritual and personal guidance.  Available upon request or during set times both in and out of hours. (see noticeboarrd for times)

All appointments can be made through the Vice Principal or Head of Boarding.

Day students can be defined as those students attending the College only during instructional hours, but do have access to all curriculum and associated activities.  Day students have specific requirements they have to follow to be part of the College.  Please see attached information. 

Students are requested to bring their own laptop to the College.  Attached are computer specifications requirements.  If you have any queries in regard to the requirements, please contact the College.

When a student enrols into the College, there are some Residential Requirements the students have to follow.  Please see attached information. 

For the 2018 Uniform List - please view the attachement

The way students at the Harvey Ag College wear their uniform sets the tone and reflects positive pride and a professional approach. 

Please find attached the November 2017 Newsletter

Please see attached June Newsletter 2017

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