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WA College of Agriculture - Harvey is a co-educational facility for approximately 128 male and female students, with each student boarding in a  village style dorm. Each  dorm consists of 16 rooms with a shared living area, which includes a TV, lounge, fridge and microwave.

Study at the College is based on semesters for students in Year 10, 11 and 12.  This course offers study in six learning areas plus farm and trades.  Most learning areas are on offer with an emphasis on farm and trades in the technology and enterprise area.



 At the Western Australian College of Agriculture Harvey, students have the benefit of learning with highly qualified instructors in well equipped workshops.


This site comprises of an area of 920 Ha of which 35 Ha is irrigated for perennial pasture and horticulture pursuits, with the remaining for dry “hill” country used for extensive grazing.


At the beginning of year we commence our enrolment process.   If your child would like to attend the College for Year 10 or 11 in 2018, please forward the Application for Admission and a copy of their latest school report and NAPLAN or OLNA report.


For future year enrolments, we would advise parents to send in the "Application for Admissions" up to 2 years prior to the year you would like your child to attend the College. Leaving it too late will not guarantee your child will have an interview.


This site is provided for the public, parents, students and staff to highlight the attributes and performance of the WA College of Agriculture Harvey.


On applying to attend the Harvey Agricultural College, prospective Year 9 or 10 students will be required to attend a preliminary 20 minute interview with the Principal and a brief campus tour.  A Tryout may be offered following the interview. Prospective students interested in attending the College in the coming years are advised to submit their Admissions form as soon as possible, as places are filling fast. 


Interviews will be conducted each Wednesday throughout the Term. If required the Tryout/Transition weeks are held throughout the year from a Sunday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Friday, there is no cost to parents or obligation to enrol at the College. It is an opportunity for a prospective student to experience the courses on offer and to live in residence for these 3 days. It is also an opportunity for the College to assess the prospective student to see if he/she will be suitable.


Both boarding and day student places are available to those who may be interested in studying Year 10, 11 and Year 12 agricultural courses. At the completion of Year 12 this may lead to career opportunities, entry into University, further study at TAFE or linkages to apprenticeships.


Parents of prospective students are welcome to visit the College during office hours to look over the campus, please contact the enrolments officer to arrange a time.


Upon the College receiving the Admissions form, a time will be negotiated for the applicant to attend an interview. Parents are asked to confirm the attendance and if for any reason the applicant is not able to attend the interview they are asked to contact the College immediately, this allows the appointment to be allocated to another applicant.


Please download the attached form and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The following table illustrates the two Pathways through the range of courses on offer in 2018 in the CLASS area.

For Course Outline  - please see attachment. 

Parents without internet connection are invited to contact the college to seek detail about specific course outlines.



Year 10 

Year 11 

Year 12 







Maths, English, Science, HASS, Health & Physical Education  – Australian Curriculum


Agriculture - Plant and Animal Production Systems 


Maths  Application Units 1&2

English ATAR Units 1&2


Plant Production Systems ATAR Units 1&2

Animals  Production Systems ATAR Units 1&2

Biology ATAR Units 1 & 2

Primary Industries (VET Industry specific)   General Unit 1&2

Maths  Application Units 3&4      English ATAR Units 3&4


Plant Production Systems ATAR Units 3&4  

Animals  Production Systems ATAR Units 3&4

Biology ATAR Units 3&4 1 Course

Primary Industries (VET Industry specific)     General Unit 3 & 4




High School Graduation





Academic Pathway



Maths Essential Units 1&2

English General Units 1&2

Plant Production Systems General Unit 2

Animals  Production Systems General Unit 2

Primary Industries (VET Industry specific)

General Unit 1&2

Accounting and Finance General Unit 1

Maths Essential Unit 3&4

English General Unit 3&4

Plant Production Systems General Units 3&4

Animals  Production Systems General Units 3&4

Primary Industries (VET Industry specific)     General Units 3&4



High School Graduation




Programs of Study are arranged along pathways designed to enable students to get from an entry point to an end point of their choosing.  In 2018 the College is offering 2 pathways, most commencing at Year 10 with some flexible options.

An education at the WA College of Agriculture - Harvey is more than preparing students for jobs on farms.

Mobile phones have many benefits, but they also pose many possible problems in a residential situation. If parents wish to provide a student with a mobile phone, the following conditions will need to apply


The policy must be downloaded, filled in before printing, printed, signed and presented at the college 

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