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Another successful year at Farm Skills and the Perth Royal Show.

FARM SKILLS - Despite the terrible weather at this years Farm Skills, the 4 teams did an amazing job representing themselves and the College.  Students participated in 8 different events ranging from sheep judging, shearing, welding, chemicals, steer appraisal, GPS tracking, tractor driving and fencing.  The College placed 6th overall.  Well done to all and thanks to the staff for training and attending on the day. 

PERTH ROYAL SHOW - our students and heifers did well at this year's Royal Show.  Students competed over 4 days.  Congratulations to Sam Hall for winning the Dairy Paraders, he will be representing WA in Adelaide next year.  Congratulations also goes to Ruby King for placing 2nd in the same event and Brendan Evans for placing 3rd in the Dairy Judging.

Special mention to Shania Willison for being appointed the Dairy Ambassador for the Show. 


Well done to all the competitors who attended Wagin Woolorama.


Poll Dorset Junior Judging - Equal 1st Shelby Atherton, Stephanie Rose, Erin Lysaght

State Junior Wool Judging - 3rd Josephine Harris

Novice Shearing - 3rd Shania Willison



2017 Graduation and Prize Day



Year 10 Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Lead and Teamwork Award - Cale Mifflin

Year 10 Friends of HAC Assoc Ex-students- Lachlan Atkinson

Year 10 LP & JA Fryer Encouragement: Year 10 student continuing to Year 11- Kyle Symington

Year 11 Alcoa - Zoe Worsfold

Year 11 Farm West - Erin Jacob

Year 11 Harvey Bulls Football & Netball Scholarship- Zoe Worsfold (10) &  Zak Italiano (11)

Year 11 Neville Munns memorial Encouragement Shearing Award - Christopher Hewton

Year 11 Harvey Ag Society- Sam Hall

Year 11 Royal Ag Society - Declan Holland

Year 11 WA Farmers - Sam Hall

Year 11 Brunswick Ag Society - Erin Lysaght

Year 11 Agricultural Endeavour - Kaileasha Reynolds

Year 11 Australian Mineral Fertiliser - Hamish Hennessy

Year 12 Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Lead and Teamwork Award - Jayden French


Year 12 "Connor Jackson Memorial" Award- Jesse Ramshaw


 Year 10 Awards


Best in Class- Rhys Shales

Best on Farm- Nicholas Telini-Mazza, Joshua Kirk

Best in Trades- Zachary Faulkner

Best in Residence (Rotary Award) - Tristian White

Year 10 Sportsperson Award- Jared Johnston

Highest Attendance For the Year- Reece Liddelow, Cale Mifflin, Zane Plati, Kyle Symington


Year 11 Awards


Best in ATAR Class - Mitchell Brealey

Best in General Class - Jade Prinsloo

SafeFarm WA Award- Declan Holland

Best on Farm- Charles Hales

Best in Trades- Jeremy Della Sale

Best in Residence- Hamish Hennessy

Year 11 Sportsperson Award- Ethan Allen-Hancock

Highest Attendance For the Year- Zachary Williams


Year 12 Awards


Best on Farm- Adele Martin

Runner Up Best on Farm- Shelby Atherton

SafeFarm WA Award- Jayden French

The Jack Gerrard Memorial Prize- Zachary Howe

Voted the most employable in Trades- Thomas Boulton

Best in Trades- Winta Dillon

Best in Class (ATAR Stream) - Shania Willison

Best in Class (General Stream) – Adele Martin

Sportsperson of Year 12- Maddison Bedford

Residential Citizenship Award and Forrest Medal- Jayden French

Highest Attendance- Shania Willison

Caltex Best All Rounder Awards - Shelby Atherton


Major Prizes


VET Dux- Taryn Schubert

ATAR Dux- Shania Willison




A number of career opportunities exist for graduates of the WA College of Agriculture - Harvey. Listed here are some examples.

In 1953 the hospital and the surrounding land and buildings that serviced the Second World War Italian internment camp became the focus for housing students who wished to pursue an education centred around farming styles common in the South West corner of Western Australia. The campus was administrated as an agricultural wing of the Harvey Senior High School.

The Western Australian College of Agriculture - Harvey seeks, through links with industry and technology to develop students:

The College is based at Wokalup consisting of  Residential buildings, Classroom, Design & Technology and the  Administration.

In February 1991 the Ex-Students' Association was formed to keep the friendship and contact with old mates alive and also to provide financial and/or moral support to the current students, the College or in certain cases, even ex-students.

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